Stan Long

District Manager, Insperity

As a past business owner running a logistics company, Stan has gleened insight around day to day challenges, how to motivate employees and increased revenues. Stan refers back to his 5 years of coaching travell AAU baketball which increases his ability to listen, guide, strategize and thrive under pressure. "Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit".
(Napolean Hill)

Insperity, a trusted advisor to America’s best businesses for more than 25 years, provides an array of human resources and business solutions designed to help improve business performance. Serving more than 100,000 businesses with over 2 million employees, Insperity’s mission is to help businesses succeed so communities prosper. We provide a wide range of business performance solutions, enabling business owners to be more systematic and strategic about the role people play in the success of a company. Whether you have ten employees or 5,000, Insperity’s business solutions are tailored to helping you run your business more efficiently.

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