Ken Leikam

US Managing Partner, Deloitte Global Tax

Chapter Board Members - Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay

As the US Managing Partner for Global Tax, Ken is focused on further developing Deloitte Tax’s global position and supporting global client service delivery and pursuits. He assists in driving global priorities across Deloitte’s four major services areas, including strengthening the firm’s global network and footprint.

Professional and Industry Experience
Ken consults with clients and engagement teams on a wide variety of Tax and business operations issues. He is also a senior advisory Tax partner on key accounts. Over his career, he has been the Lead Tax Partner for public and private companies in the manufacturing, retail, entertainment, and telecommunications industries.

Ken recently served as US CPTO (Chief Process and Technology Officer), and was responsible for the continuing standardization of Deloitte tax compliance and advisory methodologies. Ken also led strategic priorities for the development and utilization of cutting edge technology to help clients and teams fully utilize world class technology in tax.

Ken previously served as the national leader of Business Tax Services (BTS), with a focus on developing industry leading federal tax specialists and Lead Tax Partners who are responsible for understanding client issues, leveraging our Deloitte network and proactively delivering value to our clients. Ken has held numerous leadership roles, including regional and national roles within Deloitte the Firm, and participates in various leadership meetings with tax and firm leaders around the world in numerous locations. He has also participated in client service planning and live client meetings in various locations around the globe.

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