Victor King

Partnership Manager, Pacific Northwest

Our Staff

Victor joined PCA in June 2021 and currently works as the Partnership Manager covering the Pacific Northwest. As the Partnership Manager, he is responsible for prospecting, developing, and closing partnership opportunities. Key in this process is demonstrating the value of PCA programs for youth sports organizations and schools, resulting in an increased PCA partnership base for PCA in the Pacific Northwest.

He is a graduate of California State University, Fresno with a B.A. in Communications. Victor previously worked in the telecommunications industry, focusing on the retail and business sectors. In that time, he learned an abundance of coaching styles and leadership skills which helped him discover a passion for teaching others. When his career in the youth sports industry began, he was blown away by the impact it had on families in his immediate community. Making connections and fostering relationships with people through athletics paved the way for him as an educator. Working with schools to develop children, using sports as a catalyst, ultimately led him to his current role with PCA.

He is currently living in Oregon after relocating from California with his wife, Marnée. He loves playing various sports, but none more than basketball and golf. He likes being outside, staying active, and looking for adventures. He enjoys eating many different types of food and finds it fun to cook outside his comfort zone. Victor also enjoys drinking wine and coffee, and has an eclectic taste of music with playlists to match any occasion. Victor appreciates watching new movies and quoting old ones that I have seen fifty times. Finally, he is a sneakerhead, enjoying sneaker culture as an avid collector and wearer.