Kate Mortenson

President and CEO 2019, NCAA Final Four Organizing Committee

Kate Mortenson is the founder of Pondr Global, a subscription media site whose purpose is to reconnect American society. Before that she was the Bid Director, President and CEO of the 2019 Final Four Minneapolis Local Organizing Committee. The event brought in $143 million in economic benefit to Minnesota and earned the committee a Vision 2025 Leadership award from the Downtown Council.

As successful as she has been as a businesswoman, she also is equally dedicated to serving her community. Among other things, she is an inductee in the Jr. Achievement of the Upper Midwest Hall of Fame, a board member of the Mortenson Family Foundation, and served in the Peace Corp for 3 years in Africa.

Kate grew up on the East Coast and attended Boston University. She lives with her husband David, in Minneapolis and have 3 (mostly) launched young adult children.

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