Al Hillis

Youth and High School Coach

Trainers - Portland

Al is proud to be a native Portlander who attended Grant High School where he played on the varsity tennis team.

After college at the University of Oregon he returned to Portland where he played and managed in the Portland area adult soccer, softball and basketball leagues for more than twenty years also serving as league commissioner. Al has enjoyed being involved in sports for over thirty years as an athlete, coach and parent. He has managed and coached youth baseball from T-Ball to All Stars and basketball for more than ten seasons.

Al and his wife Julie have three children that participated in soccer, wrestling, dance team, basketball, football and baseball from an early age through high school. Years ago Al was introduced to positive coaching and witnessed firsthand the growth, fun and success the athletes, coaches and parents experienced using the principles that the PCA now teaches. He is honored to be a part of your introduction to these concepts.

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