Mari Hern

SVP, Global Head of Service Asset and Configuration Management, Wells Fargo

Chapter Board Members - Mid-Atlantic, Mid-Atlantic

Mari has enjoyed an award-winning 20 year career in the field of asset management with an emphasis on transformation and change leadership. She has built a reputation for developing strong teams that consistently deliver by aligning the right people with the right positions. She then focuses her team on developing and maintaining efficient, effective, sustainable processes that are automated and scalable organization-wide.

Mari currently works for Wells Fargo, and has previously worked for AIG, Kaiser Permanente, Microsoft and America Online. In each of these organizations, she has acted as a disruptor to challenge status quo, and focus on being best in class. This winning approach has transformed the landscape of asset management for each organization, with impressive results including: a 90% increase in data accuracy, overhauling a customized legacy asset management tool that interfaced with over 25 separate internal systems, and receiving a patent for the design of an RFID data center tracking solution. Throughout her career, she has saved over $200M for these organizations. In 2014, she expanded her scope to include Chief of Staff. In this role, she has broaded her focus from asset management to the business of IT, including vendor management and security and risk assessment. She was responsible for building and supporting a team of about 100 employees to develop and drive strategy, branding, communication, and program management of high visibility, cross functional transformational projects. 

A dynamic public speaker, Mari has been invited to present at several conferences and enjoys sharing her technical and transformational leadership experience with others. She shares relatable anecdotes on driving change and practical guidance to help others take their teams and initiatives to the next level.

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