Tanisha Grayson

Coach for TTK Basketball (West Orange, NJ)

"Tanisha ( Coach T) out shines most coaches because of her philosophy. While she believes in competition and certainly wants to win she always wants her players to have FUN. Coach T is the type of coach that notices when you are feeling down and always finds a way to make it better. She knows when and what type of encouragement you need. [She] believes that a person’s experience in team sports can affect their personality by promoting life skill including work ethics, communication skills, and even math. If not just with her smile, she will do a silly shake it off dance that you can’t help but laugh at or she will walk up next to you and quietly give you just the right words of encouragement. She set a high standard. She demonstrate what she wants team to learn. She maintain an optimistic and solutions oriented approach. She always express confidence when she is coaching my daughter and her team."