Brad Grant

VP, Baseball Ops, Strategy, Administration, Cleveland Indians

Local Board Member, Cleveland

“Having grown up in and around sports my whole life I have found that those who have had the biggest impact on my life have been my coaches. The positive impact they had comes from the way they coached – they always made it fun while at the same time challenging me to compete, learn, and grow at an elite level both as an athlete and as a person. As I look to coach and mentor others effectively the values that those coaches possessed and are the same values that are stressed in PCA’s mission. PCA provides the resources, mission, and values to ensure that when I am coaching/mentoring others they have that same “positive experience” that I was fortunate to have throughout my life.” – Brad Grant

Brad has spent 26 years with the Cleveland Indians serving 25 of those years in the Amateur Scouting Department. Brad was the Director of Amateur Scouting where he was responsible for overseeing the MLB Draft for the Indians for 10 years. His current responsibilities have shifted out of Amateur Scouting and into Baseball Operations, where he assists in all departments and platforms within baseball. Brad graduated from Miami University where he swam for 4 years after receiving high school All-American swimming honors at University School in Hunting Valley. His father, Ron Grant, recently retired from University School where he served as the Director of Physical Education and Director of Athletics for over 40 years.

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