Dr. William Goodloe

Teacher & Former Football Player, University of Texas

Trainers - Texas

Dr. Goodloe is a passionate champion for positive sports experiences for young people, parents, and coaches. He believes in the holistic development of the whole person as an essential component of coaching while working to establish positive relationships with athletes and parents as a foundation for growth and success. He believes sports is an excellent opportunity to teach life skills. A former collegiate football player, coach, and sports scholar, Coach takes pride in having coached numerous community leaders and impactful citizens in sports from high school softball to youth baseball with several stops on courts and fields in between. A lifelong Padres fan, coach and his family take an annual trip to a new baseball stadium across the country.

Dr. Goodloe teaches high school English and coaches whomever is in need regardless of sport or level of ability. Coach earned a Masters degree and Graduate Certificate in Positive Coaching and Positive Psychology from the University of Missouri and a doctorate in Sports Management with a Sports Leadership specialization from the United States Sports Academy. He and his wife are the owners of Behind the Whistle, an Educational Consulting and Training Company based in San Antonio, TX. He is a proud father, husband, son, grandson, sports fan, learner, and self-proclaimed future Hall of Fame BBQ Pitt Master.