Mary Fry

Dir., Kansas Univ. Sport and Exercise Psychology Lab

National Advisory Board

Mary Fry is a full-time professor in the Department of Health, Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Kansas. She is the Director of the KU Sport and Exercise Psychology Lab and oversees the graduate program in the area.

Mary started her career as a high school tennis coach and physical education teacher in Texas. She recognized how challenging it is for coaches and teachers to bring out the best in each athlete and student, and after four years she decided to pursue graduate study in sport psychology to learn more about motivation in sport. She has spent the years since studying this topic, and has become convinced that the key to helping athletes maximize their experience and performance is tied to the extent that coaches are able to foster a positive and caring team environment that help athletes gauge success based on their personal effort and improvement, and cooperation with teammates.

Mary has served on the executive board of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. She serves as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Sport Psychology in Action and on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, and the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology. Mary and her husband, Andy, live in Lawrence, KS with their son, Jared; daughter, Lindsey; and a host of pets.

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