Chris Fay

Former College Baseball Coach

Blog Author, Trainers - New England

Chris Fay has been with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) since 2016.

Chris is the owner of Next Pitch Baseball, LLC in Massachusetts and works with players of all ages and abilities.  A former collegiate baseball coach, Chris is the head coach of Wayland High School and a contributing writer to the New England Baseball Journal.
The New England native's passion for PCA's mission is also what motivates him in his position as the commissioner of Wayland Little League's Developmental Program and Coaching Coordinator.

As a player, Chris played college baseball at Gettysburg College -- and every intramural program the school could offer! Chris loves all sports - and this includes old man softball - because of its ability to teach us life lessons and challenge us in ways other activities simply cannot. After graduating from Gettysburg College, Chris served as an assistant baseball coach at Newbury College in Brookline, MA for two seasons.

Chris resides in Wayland, MA with his wife Gina and three young children who he hopes will have a lifelong love of sports.

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