Jack Dunn

Excellence in Leadership Award Recipient, Coach, Mentor, Author, Teacher, Player, Hall of Famer

Jack Dunn is a sports legend in Oregon! His leadership in baseball paved the way for several youth baseball players across the Portland area and the state of Oregon. Jack’s leadership was not just about baseball, it was about teaching his players values, strong character and becoming contributing citizens in their communities as they grew up. “My coach said, ‘Take what I give you, improve on it and pass it on,’ (Clopton) We are thrilled to recognize Jack Dunn as our 2020 PCA Excellence in Leadership Award Winner.

Career Highlights:
Education: Master’s in Secondary Education --University of Oregon Alumni
Coached for 39 years. 20 years at Portland State, 19 years in Portland’s high schools at Cleveland and Wilson.

American Legions Teams among top in Northwest earning 2nd place Regional Division and 3rd in American Legions World Series.
Professional Player for 10 years playing for the Los Angeles (Brooklyn) Dodgers.

He is the only coach to win state championships at two Portland high schools. In 1995, Coach Dunn received the Oregon Sportswriters Distinguished Service Award for Sports.He was inducted into the Portland State University Athletic Hall of Fame.

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