Sonja DeWitt

Senior Trainer Manager


Sonja joined PCA in October of 2005 as Trainer Coordinator, a position she held for 5 years.  She then moved to the position of Program Manager for 3 years until taking her current position of Senior Trainer Manager. In this role, Sonja is responsible for overseeing all workshop assignments nationwide and supporting PCA’s Trainer Corps. In addition, she organizes the Trainer’s Institute Retreat weekend.  

A graduate of the Free University Berlin with a Masters in American History & Politics and a Master in Mass Communication Science, it was during a scholarship stint at American University in Washington, DC that Sonja secured a job in television, which led her to relocate to the United States in 2001.

Sonja rode horses, ballet, dance, volleyball and trampoline when growing up. She and her husband own a Physical Therapy clinic with an adjoined CrossFit gym where she coaches. She’s an avid surfer (she met her husband surfing) and used to surf everyday.  Now with two children - Milena and Max - and her work at PCA - it’s often difficult for Sonja to surf more than once a week. However - she still cherishes her time with the ocean.

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