Nick Dewan, M.D.

Medical Director, Behavioral Health, BayCare Health System

Chapter Board Members - Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay

Dr. Nick Dewan is a nationally known physician leader and sports psychiatrist. He has worked with amateur, collegiate, and professional athletes over the past 25 years.   He is known for “helping athletes win the mind game”. He has developed sports meditation soundtracks for golf and tennis and Internet based sports mental skills improvement tools. He also designed and conducted a neurofunctional MRI study on Golfers and Anxiety and has developed a sports mind survey for measuring resilience and focus in competitive athletes.

Dr. Dewan is currently the Medical Director for Behavioral Health for the BayCare Health System and his clinical work is primarily with professional athletes and national sports organizations. He is a former collegiate tennis player and scholar athlete, and previously coached men’s and women’s tennis at the NCAA Division I level.

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