Nick Davidson

Veteran AD, Coach, Official

Trainer - Los Angeles

Nick Davidson is a Senior Trainer for  Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).  Since 2003, Nick has represented PCA at coach, parent and student athlete workshops and has enjoyed every minute of it.

Nick has an extensive background working with kids:
  • Senior Trainer - Positive Coaching Alliance since 2003
  • Athletic Director - For over 14 years with CIF City & Southern Section schools. Currently the Athletic Director of Locke College Preparatory Academy 
  • CoChair U.S.A. City Games -formerly called the Los Angeles Watts Summer Games
  • Life Coach Center for Disease Control (CDC) - Teaching the Changing Your Lifestyle, Changing Your Life (CYL2) program to classes of individuals (pre-diabetic/diabetic) to improve their health and wellness.
Mission: To be a difference maker in the development of Double Goal, Leaders, Coaches, Parents and students. 
Credo: I will: 
Play Fair, Respect My Opponent; Win With Integrity; Lose With Dignity: Above All, Pursue the Game With Honor

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