Leslie Charles

Former World Champion, Coach

Trainer - New England

Leslie Charles has an extensive athletic background both as an athlete and coach. She grew up playing baseball, basketball, and soccer. In high school she began to focus solely on soccer (high school champions all four year), playing year round and coaching in the summers. Leslie played 2 years of Div. III soccer at UCSanta Cruz then made the switch to Ultimate Frisbee. With 2 College National Championships, 3 World Championships, and 2 U.S. National Championships, Leslie found her passion. Since having two children, she has focused on her love of running (while mixing in recreational indoor soccer, disc golf and a little ultimate pickup here and there).

Leslie's coaching is a woven story of her passions: mixing soccer, ultimate frisbee, and her love of running, especially long distance and trail running. Since coaching soccer in high school and college during the summer months, she has also helped coach ultimate for elementary and middle school, cross country running for high school and ultimate for college. She currently coaches Smith College's women's ultimate team and has a personal coaching service for mostly women's masters runners and is a certified USATF level 1 running coach.

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