Jayne Chapman

Lacrosse Coach

Trainers - Tampa Bay

Sports: Lacrosse

Jayne played lacrosse growing up in Richmond, Virginia and went on to play collegiate lacrosse at Duke University. After graduating from Duke Law, Jayne played on a post-collegiate team in Atlanta. When Jayne and her family moved to Tampa in 2000, lacrosse was just beginning to take off. She spent five years coaching youth boys lacrosse for her sons’ teams, while also helping out with youth and high school girls teams in South Tampa. When it was no longer cool to have mom as coach, Jayne stopped coaching youth boys and started coaching only girls lacrosse. She is currently in her sixth year as the Head Coach for the Varsity girls lacrosse team at Plant High School. Jayne has also coached girls travel lacrosse for the past four years. She is one of only two US Lacrosse Women’s Level 3 certified coaches in the state of Florida.