Todd Buchanan

Chief Executive Officer, USA Coherent

Local Board Member, Tampa Bay

Todd Buchanan is Coherent’s Chief Executive Officer, USA, leading the growth of global insurance technology that is moving the industry forward by creating innovative solutions to overcome the challenges of legacy systems. Prior to Coherent, Todd worked for 24 years at AIG Financial Services (formerly VALIC Financial Advisors, Inc.) and was named Manager of the Year nine times.

Todd was a multi-sport athlete at the University of Southern Mississippi where he competed in football, basketball and track-and-field. In addition, he served as student body president, a university cheerleader, and Mr. USM. In 2015, he was inducted into the USM Hall of Fame, along with fellow graduate Brett Favre. He graduated with a business degree and entered the U.S. Army where he served as a field artillery officer and Captain for six years of active duty.

Along with being a Board member of PCA-Tampa Bay, Todd has served as vice chairman and chairman of the Outback Bowl and as a Board member for the Tampa Bay Sports Commission.

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