Freeman Blade

Director of the Hoops of Excellence Basketball Academy

Trainers - Cleveland

Sports: Football, Basketball, Track and Field

Director of the Hoops of Excellence Basketball Academy and CEO of Spheres of Excellence a non-profit organization that trains and mentors at risk youth that are in detention and provides intervention training to youth knocking on the door of the Juvenile Justice System. Freeman has thirty years of coaching, that includes high school, college, internationally (Austria, Netherlands Germany) and the Continental Basketball Association presently the G-League. Freeman teaches players that success is "little achievements in progress", "competition is challenging the other player (team) to be better and "life is a movable feast, enjoy everyday" Ernest Hemingway. He has played and coached at every level and has a degree in Psychology. He studies and reads about the mind body relationship to develop training methods that create a positive spirit a disciplined mind and a healthy skillful body .

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