Christian Appleman

Former Division 1 College Coach

Trainers - New England

Christian Appleman is a former three-sport athlete at Penn State University.  He was a recruited tennis athlete at Penn State, walked on the basketball team his freshman year and was team captain his senior year in the 1988-89 season, and played a semester of football at Penn State as a punter and quarterback in the spring of 1987.  He has coached in Division I athletics for almost 30 years -- tennis at Yale for thirteen years, basketball at Penn State for twelve years, tennis at Penn State for two years, basketball at Army for two years and basketball at the Naval Academy Prep School for one year and assistant women's basketball coach at Yale for one year.  He has also worked extensively with the Guilford community Youth Basketball League, both as a Rec coach and Travel Coach for six years, and, as a former board member of GBL, has produced a library of hundreds of hours of basketball coaching resource videos on YouTube for youth coaches of all levels. Finally, he was also a 2015 recipient of the PCA Double-Goal Coach® Award.