Sabine Anderson

Senior Executive Assistant and Board Liaison

Our Staff

Sabine Anderson moved to the Bay Area from Europe in 2000. Upon arrival in the Bay Area, Sabine got involved with the LGBTQ community, leading to a professional career with various mission-driven local, national, and worldwide organizations committed to healthcare and education. She thrives on taking on projects and leading them through completion. Sabine strongly believes in investing in and empowering today’s youth, regardless of their background, to become the leaders of tomorrow. In the past, she volunteered for Big Brother Big Sister, The Shanti Project, and AIDSLifeCycle, and nowadays, she can be seen volunteering for various causes around the Bay Area. In her youth, Sabine was an avid gymnast and gymnastics coach. She is a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist. In her free time, Sabine enjoys biking, jigsaw puzzling, traveling, and being curious with family and friends.

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