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Monthly Motivations: Speak Up

The world is full of things we’ve always done and ways we’ve always done things. Sometimes that’s a good thing. Sometimes it’s not.

Monthly Motivations: Figure it Out

A youth basketball coach in the audience posed a question to the panel, asking if coaches should start teaching kids (around the ages of 10, 11, or 12) set plays.

Monthly Motivations: Take Your Mistake

Accountability in athletics (and life) is a difficult concept to learn, and more importantly to put into practice.

Monthly Motivations: The Play From Hell

It’s the last half of the last inning, my team is up by three runs, and I’ve just been given the ball and asked to close out the game. What happens when everything goes awry?

Monthly Motivations: I'm A Loser, Baby

Given that yet another of our beloved Cleveland sports teams has come up short in a championship run, I feel compelled to dissect the meaning of this phrase.

Monthly Motivations: In Us We Trust

Much already has been and still will be written about the 2017 Cleveland Indians' historic winning streak that reached 22 games.

Monthly Motivations: Pushing Through Instead of Shutting Down

Great teams aren’t composed of people who are exactly the same. Great teams are successful because they have differences – in strengths and skills.

Monthly Motivations: Enjoy The Moment, Cleveland Fans

Let’s forget about the last 50 years and focus on what the Cavaliers and Indians have accomplished in their own respective seasons this year. Let's focus on the here and now!

Monthly Motivation: Words Matter

Kids will trust your opinion and take your words at face value, so be careful with the words you choose and be intentional about the ways in which you use them.

Monthly Motivation: Drawing the Line

So after this long trip down memory lane that sparked a lot of internal reflection and debate, for me, I think the question is this: Where do you draw the line?

Monthly Motivation: Armies of Steamrollers

America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It's been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt, and erased again.

Monthly Motivation: Leaving a Legacy

One of the most important lessons that sports teaches is that nothing lasts forever. The thrill of a victory or sting of a loss have a short shelf life that usually expires...

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