For many kids, a coach can be a lifeline, a mentor and a source of inspiration. A great coach models the resilience, teamwork, and tenacity needed to become the best athlete, and person, each of us can be.

Positive Coaching Alliance has always provided social and emotional learning to youth through athletics and interpersonal relationship building. However, nine months ago our organization was able to pivot contextually to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and harness the foundation of our curriculum to provide a lifeline to coaches, athletes and parents everywhere.

Our first step was to make certain aspects of our training free to the public so we might better reach underserved communities and provide access to all. To date over 10,000 parents and coaches have been through these courses since March.

PCA transformed our infrastructure so that we could provide all of the benefits of our courses virtually, conducting more than 615 PCA workshops via Zoom, and weekly Facebook Live sessions for those restricted by the lockdown. We adjusted our training to deliver greater impact and provide parents with the tools to apply our principles so that they could continue to create an environment of positive personal growth for their children.

To address the important racial conversation happening in this country, we developed a new course, Sports Can Battle Racism. This course has received unprecedented demand and speaks to how PCA can adapt in record speed to meet the needs of all communities.

Most recently, PCA was named the first partner by national funder Susan Crown Exchange in an ambitious plan to train One Million Coaches in social and emotional skills. This announcement, made on the national stage at the Aspen Institute’s Project Play Summit, positions PCA's training as the best in class.

The generous contributions of our supporters have made all of this success possible! We hope we can count on your support, so that we may build on the level of service you enabled us to deliver this past year. With the uncertainty of the next coming year, we believe now more than ever the principles and positive sports experiences that PCA provides has never been more relevant and the end result, kids’ lives who have been transformed by well-trained coaches, never more necessary.

Can we count on your support? Your gift today will be doubled by the match from our generous Board and key supporters.

Thank you for helping us, to continue to help them.