Ross Hartley

Former World Class Triathlete

PCA Trainers

Born and raised in Pickerington, Ohio, Ross has the opportunity to serve the community that he grew up in. Ross is a middle school teacher and high school cross country and track/field coach in the Columbus, Ohio area. Most recently, he was selected as the Head Coach for the 2019 Triathlon World Championships for Age Group Team USA.

Ross has had success as a triathlete, finishing 3rd (1st American) and earning a Bronze Medal at the 2014 Triathlon World Championships (Sprint Distance). He has also finished top 3 in his age group 6 different years at USA Triathlon National Championships, as well as top 10 overall at 8 different USA Triathlon National Championships. Ross is fortunate to have been selected as the Head Coach for the 2019 World Championships for Age Group Team USA Triathlon.

Ross has given a TEDx talk focusing on a simple equation that rules our daily lives, Event + Response = Outcome (E+R=O). Examining the Response piece of this equation through a growth mindset lens as an educator, coach, and athlete Ross discusses how important one’s mindset is in determining their success and happiness.