Chris Considine

Founder & President, Onward Advising

National Advisory Board

The name ‘Onward Advising’ tells the story.  The company’s founder, Chris Considine, has used the slogan ‘Onward’ over the years as a sign off for his most important emails and letters.  To Chris it symbolizes a unified, team-oriented, forward-looking and positive approach to business and to life in general.  He believes that in business, as in life, 10% is what happens and 90% is how you react to it.  To Chris, ‘Onward’ has the feeling of a rallying cry ‘Let’s Go!’

Chris established Onward Advising to help people bring clarity and focus to their business.  His broad-based experience and ability to communicate enables him to add tangible value to many aspects of a business.

Chris graduated from Miami University of Ohio and started his career at Wilson.  He held numerous positions of increasing responsibility over 32 years with the company which included General Manager of the Team Sports Division for over ten years and President/CEO of Wilson for nine years.  Chris also led the Racquet Sports Division and Team Sports Division to new levels of sales, profitability and market leadership and led the dramatic turnaround of Wilson’s Golf Division.

As President/CEO, Chris had full global responsibility with thirteen direct reports – five General Managers and eight functional Vice Presidents.  Wilson has revenues of $750 million and almost 2000 employees worldwide.

Chris is currently on the Advisory Board of two fast growing highly successful growth companies – Norka LLC and Spikeball.  Spikeball has been on the INC 500 fastest growing companies list two years in a row.  Chris is also a senior strategist for Hawksbill Advisors, a business and communications firm in Washington DC.

On a personal level, Chris is a person with solid Midwestern roots and values.  “Your world is a reflection of your attitude” is one of his favorite sayings.  He married his high school sweetheart, Teresa, 34 years ago and they have raised four wonderful children.  When asked “What is your greatest accomplishment?” without hesitation Chris responds “Not even close.  It’s the family Teresa and I created together.  We raised four loving, considerate people and our family is very close.”

On a final note, Chris was the ‘Student Athlete of the Year’ at Hoban High School and is very proud of the fact that 25 years later he received Hoban’s ‘Distinguished Alumni Award.’

Chris is a passionate supporter of PCA and he knows what a positive, powerful force sports can be in people’s lives.