Now that you’re Inside the Lines with PCA-Tampa Bay, take a close-up look at our organization, our programs, and the impact we’re making in the community.

PCA has been working nationally for 22 years and locally for over 7 years to transform the youth sports culture by developing “Better Athletes, Better People.” Even with the changes and challenges this year has brought, it is important we remain dedicated to supporting youth and coaches on and off the field. Join us in our efforts and learn more below!

Every child can benefit from a positive and inclusive culture that supports the development of social and emotional skills, molds character, and prepares them for competition both on and off the field. PCA’s Character Development Program addresses the specific needs of younger populations and is delivered through after-school and summer recreation programs as well as elementary and middle schools. Lessons, delivered in the context of sports and recreation, include topics such as growth mindset, bouncing back from mistakes, managing emotions, filling emotional tanks, and the importance of showing respect for ourselves and those around us.

Check out what representatives from one of our largest partners have to say about this program:

Over 1,400 kids impacted in 2019/2020 after-school programs alone!

Coaches have the ability to transform the youth and high school sports experience into something that transcends athletic performance. When coaches place as much emphasis on the valuable life lessons that are learned in the sports arena as they do on the final score, athletes develop important skills such as discipline, determination, overcoming adversity, and teamwork – skills they need to succeed in sports, but more importantly, succeed in life. After working with PCA, coaches become more aware of how they can positively influence character development and are better able to provide an environment where student-athletes can thrive.

Listen in as a few of our partners talk about the important role coaches play and how PCA lessons influence them for a lifetime:

In post-workshop evaluations, 93% of coaches say they’ll use what they learned.

In environments where sports are done right, kids develop valuable character traits that serve them well beyond the playing field – skills like leadership, resilience, respect, and the value of hard work and perseverance. PCA’s Character & Leadership Development Program covers important topics about all of those skills plus emotional intelligence, goal setting, appropriate use of social media, and how sports can unite people from different backgrounds. These workshops provide student-athletes with tools and strategies to succeed both on and off the field.

Take a minute to watch our video and learn more about how PCA is positively impacting the sports culture in our community:

Over 50 Tampa Bay high schools and 16 middle schools hosted PCA programs during the 2019/2020 school year.

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