Over the last 20 years PCA and external evaluators have collected data from thousands of coaches, youth, and youth sports leaders about the impact of our programming. Here are our findings:



Youth involved in programs or schools with PYD (positive youth development) environments develop strong social emotional learning skills in the areas of social awareness, relationships and self-management.


  • Youth on teams with PCA trained coaches show an increased ability to bounce back from mistakes.

  • 78% of both first-time PCA workshop attendees and multiple time workshop attendees reported that they used specific PCA tools to recover from mistakes in games.

  • Over 70% of youth who participate in a Triple-Impact Competitor® workshop report an increased belief in being able to improve athletic abilities through practice.

  • After one set of PCA workshops with parents, youth, and coaches, total penalties in a season across a high school hockey league decreased by over 50%

"PCA is not just another
non-profit trying to create change.
They have created change.
They are creating change.
They made change in me."

Michael Sam Jr.
Triple-Impact Competitor® Scholarship Winner

"The skills I have learned from
PCA have definitely made an
impact in my life: helping me to improve my
discipline, focus, and commitment
both in sports and academics alike."

Sam Sands
Triple-Impact Competitor® Scholarship Winner


Whether life skills are developed through sport greatly depends on how coaches [intentionally] create suitable environments that promote the development of youth.
[Gould & Carson, International Review of Sports and Exercise Psychology, 2008]. 


  • 94% of coaches who complete PCA programming report being prepared to use their sports to teach life lessons. 

  • 95% of trained coaches believe PCA training gives them the tools to get their players to support each other and work together as a team.

  • 96% of trained coaches believe PCA training gives them the tools to help their players get better at their sport.


"The Vipers have a special connection to
learning life lessons through sports.
Our Viper hockey family is dedicated
to helping our hockey players become
great people and that is why it is so great
to have an aligned partner like
the Positive Coaching Alliance."

John Berthiaume
2018 Double-Goal Coach® Award Winner
Coach, Vipers Hockey
PCA Partner Organization

"I have coached soccer and lacrosse
for 20 some years and I think that
PCA does the best job at cutting to the
core issues and presenting solutions
in the best and most usable way."

Andy Briggs
Coach, Hershey Soccer Club
PCA Partner Organization


A positive youth development climate that is based on relationships between athletes and peers, parents, and other adults can produce PYD outcomes in athletes.
[Holt, et al, International Review of Sports and Exercise Psychology, 2016].


  • Organizational leaders (including program directors, coaches, and educators) universally reported that partnering with PCA enhanced the culture of their organizations.

  • PCA training galvanizes youth sports organizations and schools around a common language and set of values for youth sports, and enables better connections with teachers and parents.

  • Parents trust youth sports organizations and schools more upon learning that PCA is a pre-requisite for coaches.

"Our athletic program has gotten so big
that culture is a huge component now.
Bringing in PCA was a no brainer."

Michael DeSimone
Physical Education, Health, & Athletic Director
Charter School of Educational Excellence
PCA Partner Organization

"I think PCA workshops
have encouraged our
coaches and has given
the coaches the lingo,
the language and the encouragement
to actually go into the classrooms
and build these relationships with teachers

PCA Partner Organization
2012 External Study, See Change

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