Coach Of The Year Awards

Positive Coaching Alliance - Hawaii


The Pacific Club
1451 Queen Emma St, 
Honolulu, HI 96813


Wednesday, May 17, 2017
7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.


PCA-Hawaii Chapter Executive Director
Jeaney Garcia



(808) 226-4935

Join PCA-Hawaii for our Coach of The Year Awards as we honor legendary golfer, coach, and humanitarian David Ishii with our PCA-Hawaii Coach of the Year Award. At this event, we will also honor Greg Lum Ho, national winner of PCA’s Double-Goal Coach® Award Presented by TeamSnap, and Kyle Smith, national finalist of PCA's Double-Goal Coach Award Presented by TeamSnap.

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David Ishii, PCA-Hawaii Coach Of The Year

About David

David Ishii has been a role model and teacher for Hawaii’s young golfers and an ambassador of Hawaii’s golfing community for over three decades. A native son of Kauai, David became one of Hawaii’s most accomplished champions under the tutelage of Toyo Shirai at the Wailua Municipal Golf Course. David competed full-time on the Japan PGA Tour, where he won 14 times. In 1987, he became the first foreigner to win the Tour Money Title. Ishii won the inaugural Kapalua Open in 1982 and also won the 1990 Hawaiian Open, a PGA Tour event.

In addition to his competitive accomplishments, David has financially supported the Hawaii State High School Golf Championships, now named after him, and has formed the David S. Ishii Foundation, a non profit organization benefitting Hawaii’s junior golfers. In the opinion of many, David Ishii is the greatest competitive golfer in Hawaii golf history. He is a gentleman of character and unsurpassed accomplishment.

Greg Lum Ho
National Winner of PCA’s Double-Goal Coach Award Presented by TeamSnap

About Greg 

Kea'au High School’s Greg Lum Ho – who has coached basketball, cross country and softball – was a national winner of PCA’s Double-Goal Coach Award® Presented by TeamSnap for his positive impact on youth athletes.

Greg's coaching philosophy stems from his father’s lessons in the tradition of the calabash, a bowl for depositing coins when you have them to give for those in need. “He preached to me to give back,” Lum Ho said. “I may not have the opportunity to give back directly to the coaches I had, but if I give to a student or young child coming up, that’s a way of thanking my coaches.”

Greg's coaching perspective was shaped in part by the loss of his son, Maka’ala, a promising 16-year-old basketball player, who drowned in a 2011 kayaking accident. “Because he was such a good kid and so many people knew him, all his friends rallied around me and helped support me,” Lum Ho recalled. “That made me want to continue coaching. I tell the kids that when I walk into the gym, this is where Maka is, and each and every one of you keep him alive when I see you making an extra pass or when I see you helping kids with their homework. I see a lot of his traits in these kids that I coach, and that makes me want to get to the gym, so I can be with Maka even though he’s no longer here.”

Kyle Smith
National Finalist of PCA’s Double-Goal Coach Award Presented by TeamSnap

About Kyle

A soccer coach for FC Hawaii, Kyle Smith was a national finalist for PCA’s Double-Goal Coach Award® Presented by TeamSnap for his positive impact on youth athletes.

Kyle is a husband, father of two, and a full-time attorney. In addition to managing his law firm in Kailua, Kyle plays competitive soccer in several adult leagues, volunteers at Aikahi Elementary School in a variety of school programs from reading to gardening to G/T, head coaches a U12 boys for FC Hawaii, and volunteer assistant coaches a U9 girls soccer team. While Kyle coaches to compete, his most important goal is to develop young soccer players who love the game. Indeed, the reason Kyle began coaching was to provide his son and daughter with top-quality soccer coaching on the windward side with a positive environment on the field and on the sideline. “I have played at a lot of levels and the key thing I want my players to learn is that technical excellence and fun are not mutually exclusive. In fact, learning how to love the process and learning how to fail successfully are keys to staying motivated that I try to impart to my players. This is what PCA is really about and why PCA has been a big part of the teams I am involved with. PCA workshops have made me a better coach, a better parent, and I ask all of my parents to go to PCA workshops each year.”  

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