Interactive Online Course for Youth Athletes

Our 60-minute course will be offered for free for a limited time.

Positive Coaching Alliance’s online Triple-Impact Competitor® course includes Doc Rivers, Julie Foudy, Shane Battier and other top coaches, athletes, and experts.

These experts teach student-athletes how to make positive contributions on three levels. Personal Mastery (Improving Oneself), Leadership (Improving Teammates), and Honoring the Game (Improving the Sport).

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Over 70% of Student-Athletes Rated this Course as either 'Excellent' or 'Good'

Over 60% of Student-Athletes Rated the 'Mistake Ritual' Tool As 'Very Useful'

Over 65% of Student-Athletes would highly recommend this course to another Student-Athlete

This highly interactive course provides specific tips and techniques for mastery and continuous improvement in any sport, seizing opportunities to encourage and support teammates, and competing fiercely to win, but only within an ethical context of Honoring the Game. *Please note our athlete course is most appropriate for 12-18-year-olds.

"The Double-Goal Coach: Developing Triple-Impact Competitors course was the perfect course at the right time for what we were doing with our players. At GPS Fortis FC, we devote our time to motivating and educating our players on reaching their goals on and off the playing field. In over twenty-five years of being a part of the game at all levels, I have learned that building character, teamwork, leadership, and discipline in youth and young adults is just as important as the sports specific training. With players stuck at home, I found this course to be the perfect foundation for a series of learning activities for our entire club.

Each of our players and coaches completed the course and then we had Zoom Video Team Meetings to discuss and review the course with our players. We have received very positive feedback from coaches, parents, and players on the course. I would highly recommend this course to other organizations. It allowed us to reinforce and provide positive lessons for our players and has been a stepping stone to additional activities such as goal setting and team building.

Thank you to the Positive Coaching Alliance for creating a well thought out and beneficial course that I will use now and in the future, for our club and other organizations I am affiliated with."

 - Coach Mike Elster, Founder/Owner – GPS Fortis FC, President – Sutton Youth Soccer, Head Varsity Boys Coach – Sutton High School

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