Program Rules


Nominees are assessed on the extent to which they reflect the model of a Double-Goal Coach, whose first goal is winning, and whose second, more-important goal is teaching life lessons through sports. A Double-Goal Coach behaves as follows:

• Takes a mastery approach to sport rather than a scoreboard orientation, teaching athletes to put forward maximum effort, continuously learn and improve, and not let themselves be stopped by mistakes or fear of mistakes.

• Fills Emotional Tanks of athletes, refusing to motivate through fear, intimidation, or shame. Recognizing that a player’s “Emotional Tank,” like the gas tank of a car, must be full in order to go anywhere, the Double-Goal Coach provides a fuel mixed of five specific, truthful praises for every specific, constructive correction.

• Honors the Game by respecting ROOTS (Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, Self).

Nomination Period

Nominations are accepted from August 1, 2019, through November 30th, 2019. Approximately 100 Regional Winners will be named in early February 2020, and 25 National Winners will be named in mid/late February. To be considered for a Regional Winner, nominees must complete a background check so they will be notified of the nomination at that time.

Who is Eligible

Any youth sports or high school sports coach in the U.S. who is a CURRENT HEAD COACH with at least three years’ experience is eligible for PCA’s Double-Goal Coach® Award. PCA staff and Certified PCA Trainers are not eligible for consideration.

A coach can be named a Regional Winner (formerly National Finalist) multiple times. If a coach has been honored as a National Winner, he or she will not be eligible for consideration in future years. Please contact PCA if you are not sure if a person you wish to nominate has been named a National Winner.

Completing a Nomination

A nomination is complete when the online nomination form has been completed fully with responses to 4 short essay questions and submitted, including the email addresses for a minimum of THREE references and a maximum of TWENTY references. Our online system will send a link to the emails you enter to provide a reference electronically which will attach to your nomination. We do not accept any references submitted to us via email. Please keep in mind that the more references you have, the more we know about your coach.

Learn about Jorge Chen, Meghan McDonald, and Whitney Pogue– winners of PCA's National Double-Goal Coach Award presented by TeamSnap. Watch their inspiring tribute videos below:

Jorge Chen, Menlo School, Cross Country, Track & Field, California

Meghan McDonald, Team Rock, Competitive Rock Climbing, New York

Whitney Pogue Corner Canyon High School, Mountain Biking/Cycling, Utah