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Navigating The Political Nature of Black Lives Matter While Supporting Black Lives

"We don't consider our team to be a political entity, yet through discussion and our interpretation of Black Lives Matter, we believe we support this message. How can we best do so in a way that strongly emphasizes our beliefs in this movement without making a blanket political statement on behalf of our team?"

Response by PCA's Sports Can Battle Racism Committee

PCA openly and decisively condemned all forms of bigotry, hatred, and violence. Black Lives Matter. Sports has the intrinsic power to transform lives and unify communities. When sports are done right, they cannot fix anti-Black racism alone, but the positive and inclusive actions of coaches, parents, student-athletes, organizational and school leaders throughout the country can start to reverse an age-old trend of systemic racism.

During our roundtable “Sports Can Battle Racism: Sports Can Define US, Unify US, Empower US”, Lanny Smith, Founder & CEO of Active Faith Sports vocalizes it best, which you can see below:

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