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Spotlight #4: Meet 5 Of PCA-New England's 2016 Triple-Impact Competitor® Finalists


Having honored our 2016 Triple-Impact Competitor Finalists in a pregame ceremony at Fenway Park with the Boston Red Sox in August, each month PCA-NE has been shining a spotlight on five of the twenty high school scholar athletes who have been recognized as Triple-Impact Competitor Finalists for its Triple-Impact Competitor scholarship. This is the fourth and final installment. 

Each of these Triple-Impact Competitor Finalists were selected based on their essays explaining how they meet three criteria: personal mastery (making oneself better), leadership (making one’s teammates better), and honoring the game (making the game better). All of these Triple-Impact Competitor Finalists have grade point averages of at least 2.5, and provided testimonials from a school administrator, a coach, and at least one from an individual who is familiar with the student-athlete and able to speak to his/her embodiment of the Triple-Impact Competitor principles.

Abigail Dirks (not pictured), a senior soccer, hockey, and lacrosse athlete at the Pingree School in Danvers, Massachusetts, was named a Triple-Impact Competitor by Positive Coaching Alliance-New England because she practices “24-hour accountability,” dedicating herself to nutrition, maintaining focus in class, getting adequate sleep, responding to her emotional and physical health needs, and recognizing that not everyone has the opportunity to participate in organized athletics. Described as the ‘perfect teammate’ and as someone who will never be forgotten or taken for granted, Abigail is a Triple-Impact Competitor.

EmmaEve Jourdain, a senior cross-country and track athlete at Lenox Memorial High School and a Becket resident, embodies what it means to be Triple Impact Competitor. One example, when a teammate had fallen short of qualifying for the Western Mass Championships in a distance event, EmmaEve took it upon herself to run with her step for step in the next race. Entering the final lap they were two seconds off pace, and behind encouraging words of, “Stay strong. Give it all you got,” her teammate qualified by one second with a final lap surge. EmmaEve is a Triple-Impact Competitor.

Brianna McPhee, a senior soccer and track athlete at Nashua North High School in Nashua, New Hampshire, is a Triple-Impact Competitor because she is a leader on her teams, and is recognized for her constant efforts to promote playing the game the right way. As head coach of a boy’s under-fourteen soccer team, and a soccer official, she is all about finding “teachable moments” and making sure everyone learns from every experience, good or bad.

Victoria Resendes, a senior soccer and basketball athlete at Bishop Connolly High School in Fall River, Massachusetts and a Swansea resident, is a Triple-Impact Competitor because she understands that ‘cheaters never win, no matter what the scoreboard says.’ She is known for doing the little things needed to help her team win the game, for example, in one basketball game she took two charges in the final minute of a close game and willed her team to victory. Victoria sets an example to everyone who knows her.

Daniel Tonna (not pictured), a senior football, basketball, and lacrosse athlete at Rocky Hill High School in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, is a passionate competitor who not only worked hard to develop the strength he needed to contribute to his teams, he also rebounded from a serious injury to find ways to contribute from the sidelines. Senior class president, basketball captain, exceptional student, and youth basketball official, Dan understands what it means to give back, and to honor the game. Dan is a Triple-Impact Competitor.

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