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PCA-New England Announces Scholarship Recipients


Four area high school student athletes were named winners of a Triple-Impact Competitor® Scholarship from Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)-New England. Recipients of this annual award are: Catherine Flaherty (North Andover High School - Track & Field and Volleyball), Musah Suhununu (Dorchester Academy - Soccer), Brandon Weyant (Hampshire Hills Regional High School - Baseball and Wrestling), and Laurel Zhang (Guilford High School - Fencing).  For more on these recipients, you can read their bios below.

Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarships are awarded to senior athletes based on their essays explaining how they meet three criteria: personal mastery (making oneself better), leadership (making one’s teammates better), and honoring the game (making the game better). Recipients must have a grade point average of at least 2.5, and must provide testimonials from a school administrator, a coach, and at least one from an individual who is familiar with the student-athlete and able to speak to his/her embodiment of the Triple-Impact Competitor principles.

Catherine Flaherty
North Andover High School, MA, Merrimack College – Track & Field and Volleyball
Catherine earned praise from teachers, teammates, and coaches as a talented athlete who cares. There are many reports of Catherine reaching out to others who needed confidence, support, or leadership. She understands the essence of sports and, in commenting on a team’s failure to applaud their opponent’s victory, Catherine showed herself as a Triple-Impact Competitor when she stated simply: “I believe that no matter the outcome of a game or how much rivalry is between you and your opposing team, you should respect the people you play against.”

Musah Suhununu
Dorchester Academy, MA – Soccer
Musah was not only the captain of the Dorchester Academy soccer team, he was an inspiration to others. His passion for helping others, contagious enthusiasm, and dedication to education is powerful.   According to his School to Career Coordinator John Zinkowski, Musah's "enthusiasm was inspirational to other players; he often helped them break free of personal doubts and temporary slumps. He made the 'game' of soccer into an experience of soccer. Thanks to him, soccer became a living entity, a competitive village where everyone was welcomed and everyone shared. He embodies the term scholar-athlete."

Brandon Weyant
Hampshire Hills Regional High School, MA, UMass Lowell – Baseball and Wrestling
Brandon repeatedly earned the respect of his coaches and teammates because of his dedication to his sports, his leadership, and his willingness to help teammates on and off the field or mat. Brandon credits the Boy Scouts with teaching him the “EDGE” method of coaching which he successfully used to help teammates “to Explain the concept, Demonstrate the skill, Guide them towards success, and then Enable performance without assistance.” Brandon is a great example of a Triple-Impact Competitor.

Laurel Zhang
Guilford High School, CT, Duke University – Fencing

Laurel showed the strength of character that defines a Triple-Impact Competitor on a daily basis, but never more so than when an official made a scoring error in her favor and Laurel corrected the error and lost the bout, in the semifinals of the state championships. Laurel herself said “there is no greater victory in any sport than honoring the game. I can say with confidence that I am ten times more proud with my decision to honor the game than I would have been had I won.”

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