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Featured Partner: Wildcats Hockey Club


Wildcats Hockey club is on their second year partnering with PCA and recently hosted two workshops; Double-Goal Coach® 1: “Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons,” and Positive Sport Parents Workshop: Becoming a Second Goal Parent with a commitment to uphold PCA principles throughout their organization. Founded by Ben and Joyce Frank, Wildcats Hockey “fuels passion” for young people as they “set stage for them to be receptive to the transferable life lessons of discipline, hard work, teamwork, and perseverance that are essential to develop in order to experience success in hockey, and more importantly in life.”

Wildcats Hockey Club exemplifies the PCA partnership by not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk. They understand the importance of consistent messaging as they continue to implement PCA material, such as spreading PCA content on their weekly all staff call and passing out Parent Letters at the start of each season. Ben says “PCA has helped us evolve our culture into one that is truly positive and a special community experience for our members. It has truly differentiated us as a club for families who value the personal development of their children as well as athletic prowess.” PCA is honored to be involved with the Wildcats Hockey Club and looks forward to growing our relationship throughout the years.

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