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Featured Partner: SBART


In 2014, Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table (SBART) joined a 3-year partnership with PCA to offer a series of workshops for coaches, parents, and young athletes to create a common denominator of positivity across all youth sports programs on the south coast. The Round Table has supported student athletes in the greater Santa Barbara area for over forty years by providing a public forum for area athletic coaches and athletes; granting financial support to organizations, teams, and individuals to further their participation in sports; and publicly honoring athletic performance, scholastic achievement, and exemplary ethical behavior.

Now in their 2nd year of the PCA partnership, they have already hosted eighteen PCA workshops with attendance ranging from 25 to 350 people in each workshop. In the month of November, SBART hosted four student-athlete assemblies at four different high schools in the area, impacting nearly 1300 high school student athletes. They also hosted their Annual Fall Classic event for the coaches, parents and administrators of the SB region, recognizing Positive Coaching Alliance and the positive culture that has been renowned and supported in the area. National Advisory Board member Julie Foudy was the guest speaker at the event with an outstanding message on leadership, attitude, and effort. PCA is happy to have SBART as one of our largest and most unique partners, and we believe that this partnership has the power to make an impact beyond the local scale as youth sports coaches, board members, and parents now have new tools to help kids get the most out of their sporting experiences.

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