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Drive For Five: How The Patriots and PCA Match Up


1. Patriots Value Every Player, Scout Team Included

What is it like to run scout team offense or defense all week, but never get in on game day? Tyler Gaffney, Jimmy Garoppolo, and the rest of the Patriots’ practice squad players know – they are critical to the Patriots’ preparation, every game, and Coach Bill Belichick, and the whole team, values them.

2. How Many Patriots Were Multi-Sport Athletes Through College?

Your child’s coach wants him or her to commit to one sport, the sport they coach. But is that the best answer for your child? Maybe, maybe not. Whatever you and your child decide, you should know that on the Patriots there are more than a few who played multiple sports in college. Who are they?

3. In Bill’s Culture We Trust

With Tom Brady out and third-string quarterback Jacoby Brissett at the helm in week 3, the Patriots rolled to an easy win over the Houston Texans, leaving the rest of the league wondering, “How do they do it?” NFL analyst and PCA National Advisory Board Member Steve Young summed it up best, “Team culture won tonight’s game.”

4. Celebrate the Joy of Sports Every Day, and if you are Martellus Bennett, Dance with the Cheerleaders to Celebrate your First Trip to the Super Bowl

Be authentic. Be who you are. Be Martellus Bennett and dance with the Patriots cheerleaders to celebrate your first trip to the Super Bowl, in your hometown of Houston. Follow your dreams, and remember it is supposed to be fun.

5. With Purposeful Practice and Avocado Ice Cream, the Patriots’ Tom Brady Sets the Gold Standard for Peak Performance

Not too many people would have predicted Tom Brady’s success today based on his rookie combine picture from 2000. Yet, 17 years later Tom Brady is a contender for the title of greatest quarterback of all time. How? Brady has made a complete commitment to the process of improvement through purposeful and deliberate practice.

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