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Celebrate the Joy of Sports Every Day, and if you are Martellus Bennett, Dance with the Cheerleaders to Celebrate your First Trip to the Super Bowl

by Beth O'Neill Maloney


Be authentic. Be who you are. Be Martellus Bennett and dance with the Patriots cheerleaders to celebrate your first trip to the Super Bowl, in your hometown of Houston. Follow your dreams, and remember it is supposed to be fun.

Dancing with Joy

Making it to the Super Bowl in his hometown made Martellus Bennett wanted to dance with joy, and he did, with the Patriots cheerleaders on the field after his team routed the Steelers in the AFC Championship game. If you haven’t seen him dance, you might want to take a look. Like most younger brothers, Bennett may have taunted his older brother, Michael – an All-Pro defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks, who has made two trips to the Super Bowl and won one – about the fact that this time it’s Martellus’ turn to go to the big game. But the family will come together in Houston to share their love of football.

One of the Patriots’ most quotable players and a powerful tight end, Bennett is an inspiration to many young athletes and their parents in the stands. In an inspiring video, The World Is Your Playground, from Bennett’s own Imagination Agency for Forbes Magazine’s 30 under 30, he encourages us all to be everything we want to be, for ourselves and for our children. Telling us that he wanted to be – “Michael Jordan and Dr. Seuss, Larry Bird and Professor Dumbledore, Deion Sanders and Willy Wonka” – Martellus wrote a children’s book for his daughter, who is a “princess and a ninja,” featuring her because of all the children’s books he read none of the characters in them looked like her.

Martellus’ message for all of us: “What did you want to be when you grew up? You can be anything, the world is your playground, let’s play.”

Beth O’Neill Maloney became the Executive Director – New England in January 2016. A native of the Boston area, she is excited to help PCA accomplish its mission of providing youth and high school athletes with a positive, character-building sports experience, developing Better Athletes, Better People, throughout New England.

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