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$1,000 Grants Available for Massachusetts Hockey Members to Host PCA Parent Workshops


Recognized by the Boston Bruins as a national leader in advocating for delivery of a great youth hockey experience, Massachusetts Hockey has partnered with PCA-New England to provide $1,000 grants for Massachusetts Hockey members to bring parent workshops and other resources to their programs in the 2016-2017 hockey season.

“Hockey parents, like other sports parents, seek the best experience for their young athletes in programs that offer the opportunity to compete and have fun, but it is not always that simple,” said Beth O’Neill Maloney, PCA-New England Chapter Executive Director.   “PCA’s parent workshops can help parents think about their goals and their child’s goals in playing sports, how to select the right program for their child, and how to develop positive sports relationships, including parent-child, parent-coach, and coach-athlete. When delivered together with workshops for administrators, coaches, and student-athletes, PCA parent workshops have the potential to improve the sports experience all the way around.”

Added Bob Sweeney, Boston Bruins Foundation Executive Director: “The Boston Bruins value their long-term partnership with Massachusetts Hockey, whose development of a partnership with Positive Coaching Alliance demonstrates its continued commitment to excellence and is proudly supported by the Boston Bruins Foundation. I hope Massachusetts Hockey members take full advantage of this grant program and bring PCA workshops to as many hockey families as possible.”

Massachusetts Hockey “is behind this program 100%” said Kevin Kavanagh, the organization’s Executive Director. Kavanagh and Massachusetts Hockey President John Tobin believe that PCA workshops and resources for parents will “have a triple-impact -- keep more kids in the game, improve the hockey experience for everyone, and help Massachusetts Hockey member organizations develop better athletes and better people.”

To take advantage of the grant program, Massachusetts Hockey members should:

  1. Request contact from PCA, using this form.
  2. Sign a Letter of Agreement with PCA-New England;
  3. Make full payment for one or more workshops;
  4. Schedule one or more workshops, including a parent workshop; and
  5. Submit a written request for reimbursement of $1,000 to Massachusetts Hockey.

Massachusetts Hockey will make its $1,000 grants to applicants in the order in which completed applications, including a signed Letter of Agreement with PCA for a parent workshop, are received.

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