KC (Kathryn) Wilder

Mental Training Coach for Student-Athletes


As a sports parent, athletic coach and mental training coach for student-athletes, Dr. K.C. Wilder understands youth sports and the importance of building character as the foundation for winning programs and successful athletes.  Dr. Wilder's philosophy of performance was refined in the academic setting as an undergraduate at Brown University and her doctoral studies in Sport Psychology at the University of Virginia.  In her own athletic pursuits, Dr. Wilder has demonstrated passion, commitment and integrity.  As an All-American at the University of Virginia, former professional cyclist and two-time Master's National Cycling Champion, Dr. Wilder understands how the role of the mind and an underlying champion mindset play a pivotal role in elite performance.  She is adamant about sharing her philosophy of elite performance to give you and your student-athletes the mental edge in sport and in life.

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