Devin Rankin

Executive Director, Phoenix


Born and raised in Arizona, Devin spent her youth on athletic fields, courts and in the pool. A multi-sport athlete from an early age she continued her passion for athletics throughout her college years and remains an active athlete to this day.

Professionally, Devin spent the early part of her career investing in her state and working to elect leaders to statewide offices and the state legislature.  

Devin founded the well-regarded political fundraising firm, Rankin Consulting LLC. She has worked with several top-tier political clients, including former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano and Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema.

In addition to her work in Arizona politics, Devin has earned a national reputation as a strong fundraising trainer and facilitated multi-day workshops for finance directors, candidates, executive directors and state party chairs from around the country.

Most recently she served as a finance advisor for the nationally renowned political organization EMILY’s List.

Devin is a graduate of Arizona State University West with a degree in Human Biology and Environment.

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