Nelson Grist

President and CEO, XGUARD360, INC.

Chapter Board Members - Phoenix

Nelson Grist was born in Toronto, Ontario Canada in 1966, and was the youngest of 6 children.  Growing up, Nelson was an avid and recognized hockey player and always strived to achieve his goals. Hockey taught Nelson a very valuable lesson early on that has set him miles apart from others; the harder I worked the more success I had.  Knowing that there is no reward without risk, Nelson decided to start his own company. 

Nelson Grist, currently is the President and Chief Executive Officer of XGUARD360, INC., and has served on the Board of a publicly traded company from 2011 to 2015.

Grist started For The Earth after he sold his pet product brokerage business in 2008. After starting For The Earth he acquired two companies in 2012. Mountain Green a household cleaning manufacturing business and Prestige Pet a pet treat manufacturing business. What Odor an odor-eliminating product was featured on the Discovery Channel show, “The Pitchmen”.

Nelson started the pet brokerage firm in December of 1999. NG Sales had a large focus on animal products due to Nelson’s love and passion for animals.  He worked closely with PetSmart and PETCO buyers and senior management and was extremely successful in placing products within their stores. 

Nelson has a wealth of knowledge in the consumer packaged goods industry from his years of experience in working with big names such as H.J. Heinz in, May 1991-1994, Iams, Eukanuba 1995-1997, Daymon Worldwide 1997-1999.

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