Nick Davidson

Veteran AD, Coach, Official

Trainer - Los Angeles

Nick Davidson is a Senior Trainer for  Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).  Since 2003, Nick has represented PCA at coach, parent and student athlete workshops and has enjoyed every minute of it.

Nick has an extensive background working with kids:
•    10 years as a Senior Trainer for PCA
•    Vice President of Programs for Children Uniting Nations (A foster-child and at-risk non-profit)
•    Founder & CEO of Behind The Scene Sports Opportunities
•    Chairman of the Los Angeles Watts Summer Games
•    23 plus years coaching kids from elementary through high school
•    12 years as an Athletic Director for two K-12 private school programs governed by the California Interscholastic Federation Southern Section
•    Former Program Manager for the Southern California Golf Association
•    Former Certified High School Basketball Official
•    5 years as a Junior Achievement Classroom Facilitator
Two mottoes have influence his development as a leader:

1.    John Wooden's "Play hard, play, smart, stay focus and HAVE FUN!"

2.    LA Watts Summer Games Credo:
o    I will play fair
o    respect my opponent
o    win with integrity
o    lose with dignity
o    above all, pursue the game with honor.   

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