Ashley Ackermann

Sports Psychology Consultant, The Institute of Sports Performance

Trainer - Houston

Ashley Eckermann is an Ironman and ranked All World Athlete who  currently works for The Institute of Sports Performance as a sport psychology consultant. She has worked with athletes for 15 years in coaching, teaching, and performance consulting. She has coached high school and collegiate swimming, running clubs, and triathletes. During her coaching career, she has had several All-Americans, State Champions, and Coach of the Year awards. While competing, she has had her fair share of injuries and surgeries and understands how valuable it is to educate young people on what we can learn from positive reinforcement in athletics and all the life lessons that can be gained from sports. She takes great pride in being able to connect with athletes in helping them develop mental skills over the years. She loves capturing an audience, spreading knowledge, and motivating others.

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